My Gear History (Illustrated With Examples of Cat Images)

Luzie – Olympus C725UZ

My photographic journey started in 2004 with my first digital camera, an Olympus C725UZ, the UZ stands for Ultra Zoom, and yes, with its eight times optical zoom it zoomed ultraly (if that’s a real word). Until 2010 this was my go-to camera, and my only camera. It took quiet a lot of travel photos, family celebrations and yes, cat images. But things were changing. My demands increased and articles on the internet promoted specifications of cameras that my six-year-old one couldn’t dream of. So I thought about buying a new camera.

After a lot of research and carefully calculating my budget I bought a Nikon Coolpix P7000 in 2010. The images I took with that camera were the same kind of images I took with my old one, not surprisingly. This means travel photos, family celebrations and even wedding photos. And, wait for it… photos of cats.

Puschel – Olympus C725UZ
Mulla in a box – Nikon Coolpix P7000
Mulla – Nikon Coolpix P7000

The next level

I watched some interesting YouTube channels about the technical side of photography. Someone said that you can adapt old lenses to modern mirrorless cameras. And that was some kind of a gateway drug for me. So I bought a Sony A7 in 2014 and decided to go with Canon FD lenses, because of their good reputation. Since that I owned a lot of prime lenses, because that’s what you think you need the most urgent, when your starting “real” photography. Thankfully they keep their value in the market, so that I was able to sell them for a minimum loss.

Today I have three zoom lenses for my A7 and that’s it — besides the Canon FD 1.2/55mm S.S.C. ASPHERICAL — I love the bokeh of that lens. Oh, and a Ricoh GR, a Fujifilm X100T and a Leica M9 with a Summilux-M 1.4/35mm. But that’s it, at least for the camera and lens department. I will be writing about tripods, filters and other equipment in another article.

And now to the important stuff… more cat photos.

Mulla in another box – Nikon Coolpix P7000
Katsuya – Sony A7
Susanne – Sony A7
Luzie – Sony A7