So I Decided to Blog Again

Image by Burst

A while back I had a little blog, well let’s say a handful of posts. This was around 2010 and I was studying at the university. I really thought I had something interesting to write about. But I didn’t. And so the blog ended up being five entries about my running track at that time and how it’s like to live in a cheap apartment on a factory site. Of course I could have written about the wonderful movie nights with my roommates and how it is to study at a university in a city which has only 17,000 inhabitants. But for some reason I choose not to. Perhaps I thought I get a couple of posts and then I would repeat myself and people reading my blog thinking: “Oh, he’s living on 12 square meters.” or “Yikes, there’s forklift noise at 7 AM.” and that’s it. The rest of my study time was pretty common, I think.

Since about 2014 I’m completely obsessed with photography. I saw a lot of YouTube videos about photography, bought a lot of books and gear and of course I photographed a lot. This is now three years and I somehow have the need to share my thoughts and experiences on this. So I thought blogging about this topic would be more extensive and interesting.

The plan is to publish articles on a weekly basis, so I make writing a habit. It will be all about photography and related subjects. Until now I have some ideas like sharing my workflow and what kind of photography I’m into. Furthermore there will be book and camera reviews and things that I have to cope with as an enthusiast photographer. I hope this blog will be informative and perhaps a bit entertaining. And if you like to take part in a conversation there will be a comment section where you can share your thoughts and opinions. For now I’d like to thank you for staying with me and I wish you a happy new year!